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Are You Afraid To Go To The Dentist?

Please ask yourself these questions:dental fear

1) Do you suffer from a high amount of anxiety or stress when going to the dentist?

2) Does this anxiety/stress cause you to avoid seeing your dentist altogether?

If this sounds like you, then you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. We have been treating people, like you, who have an extreme dental fear and experience a high level of anxiety - no matter what the reason - when visiting their dentist since the beginning.

At Image Dental Studio our goal is to help you get the dental treatment you need, while minimizing any emotional trauma. Sedation dentistry is commonly used during such routine procedures as teeth cleaning and checkups. By using special dentist-supplied sedatives, anxious patients can get the necessary dental treatment they require. When taken, these sedatives don't put you to sleep but eliminate your anxiety - so you only have a comfortable and relaxing experience while at the dentist.

While under sedation, you will be in a deeply relaxed state and will be responsive when spoken to. Your vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure while your dentist completes his work. At the end of the treatment, you'll have little or no memory of what was accomplished.

Sedation dentistry is safe, easy and effective! And with sedation dentistry, we can perform any dental procedure that you need! The whole goal of sedation dentistry is to help you achieve your goal of complete dental health.

To find out more about sedation and other pain free dental techniques contact one of our friendly staff.


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Here at Image Dental Studio, we understand that true excellence in general dentistry requires a partnership between patient and our entire staff. Whether it’s your regular hygiene visit or a long cosmetic restoration, the Image Dental Studio team knows that it takes more than a great dentist to get excellent results – it takes a caring team that shares a passion for the art. Experience the Image Dental Studio difference. Book now.

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cosmetic smileYour smile is like your signature - personal, distinctive and unique. It's one of your most recognizable features, so it makes sense to make it one of your best. A beautiful smile is the key to confidence and success. Cosmetic Dentistry is the blending of art and science - it focuses on esthetic results by using a combination of the latest restorative techniques and materials. Read more